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From bustling Christmas markets to traditional witch-burnings (and everything in between), there will be no shortage of Prague festivals to attend in 2020. This ‘events in Prague to-do list’ will help make sure you don’t miss out on any of the action no matter what time of year you’re planning to visit the Czech capital.


Masopust – February 25, 2020

Masopust loosely translates to ‘meat fasting’ and is the Czech celebration of Carnival celebration. While the parade through Prague’s Žižkov neighborhood might not be as big as the Mardi gras party on Bourbon Street, it’s full of fun, colorful costumes as well as delicious food and drink. 

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Carnival (Masopust) Festivities at Anděl 🎪 9:00 – 16:00 Harmonikář 14:00 – 17:00 Flašinetář 15:00 – 18:00 Třehusk 15:00 – 18:00 Creating of masks 🎭 ⠀ Traditional food and drinks: Grilled sausage (Šumavská klobasa) – 70 czk Pork knuckle – 75 czk Smoked ham – 33 czk/100 g Moravian home-made sausage – 33 czk/100 g Traditional soup kulajda – 50/70 czk Cabbage soup with sausage – 50/70 czk Tripe soup (dršt’ková) – 50 czk Home-made tlačenka – 35 czk/100 g Liver sausage jitrnice – 40 czk Grilled cheese Hermelin – 50 czk and other dishes… ⠀ And (for unknown reason 😄) you may also try French macarons 🍥, Holland fries 🍟 , Italian specialities ☕️, Indian curry 🍛 and German pretzels 🥨 ⠀ 📍Anděl Pedestrian Zone, Praha 5. ⏰ 20.2. 8:00 – 19:00 Admission is free ✅ ⠀ #praguetoday_events

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Prague Easter Markets – March 28, 2020 – April 19, 2020

Easter markets are one of the most colorful events in Prague. Popping up on squares throughout the city, including Old Town Square, Easter markets resemble a brighter version of the Christmas market stalls that occupied these spaces a few months earlier. Here you’ll find tasty treats, unique gifts, and the braided willow whips part of a local Easter tradition.


Witches Night (Čarodejnice) – April 30, 2020

One of the more unique events in Prague, crowds gather annually on April 30th to burn witch effigies. This is part of an ancient ritual meant to symbolize the end of winter. This festival isn’t as grim as it sounds. It’s a light-hearted family-friendly event with plenty of food and drinks to go around.


Veggie Náplavka – May 1, 2020

Veggie Náplavka, the biggest Czech vegan event, will celebrate its tenth anniversary this year. One of the largest vegan festivals in Europe, this open-air event takes place on the banks of Prague’s Vltava River and offers a large selection of vegan food and products.

Prague Fringe Festival – May 22-30

prague fringe festival

The Prague Fringe Festival is modeled after the famous Edinburgh Fringe Festival and brings together performers from around the world for nine days worth of theater, comedy, dance, and more. There are many traditional and non-traditional pieces performed in English.


Mini-Brewery Festival – June 12-13, 2020

It’s no secret that Czechs make excellent beer. While there will be plenty of opportunities to sip pints from the big breweries, don’t miss the opportunity to try some of the country’s best craft brews. The festival takes place in the Prague Castle gardens so you’ll not only get great beer, but also an amazing view. 

Prague Museum Night – June 13, 2020

On Museum Night, Prague opens the doors to some of its most famous museums so that visitors can explore them after dark. Transportation for the event and entry to the museums is free of charge, making it a very popular event with over 100,000 people attending annually.


prague harley festival

Prague Harley Days – July 3-4, 2020

Harley Davidson fans from around the world descend on Prague for this ultimate motorcycle festival. The event involves a parade, test rides, classic bikes, and more.

Prague Folklore Days – July 23-26, 2020

Enjoy traditional costumes and tunes at the Prague Folklore Days event, the biggest folk music and dance festival in Central Europe.


Prague Pride – August 3-9, 2020

Prague celebrates Pride with a weeklong festival with the big parade taking place on August 8th. It is one of the biggest cultural festivals in the country with hundreds of activities and events taking place.


Wine Festivals – throughout September

September is all about the wine in the Czech Republic. The country’s flourishing wine scene brings a number of festivals along with the harvest. Prague plays host to several wine events throughout the month including a popular wine festival at Prague Castle.


Signal Festival – October 15-18, 2020

The Signal Festival lights up the sky and some of Prague’s most famous landmarks every year. This event uses light design to create projections and installations throughout the city, many of which are free of charge to visit. 


Saint Martin’s Day Festival – November 11, 2020

Many Prague festivals center around food and drink, and Saint Martin’s Day is no exception. It’s tradition to eat goose and drink lots of young wine to mark the occasion every year on November 11th.


Prague Christmas Markets – throughout December

Christmas markets will cover the main squares again from the end of November all the way through the new year. One of the most well-loved events in Prague, you won’t want to miss the opportunity to admire the twinkling lights on the giant Christmas tree in the heart of Old Town Square or sip hot mulled wine while picking up some traditional holiday gifts from the market stalls.

Whether you’ve visiting to attend one of the city’s famous festivals or enjoy seasonal events such as the Christmas and Easter markets, Prague will surely not disappoint.

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