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Eating Italy Food Tour

The World's Favorite Pasta Shapes - A Guide for Pasta Lovers

Delicious dinnertime staple and favorite among kids and adults alike – pasta is a cultural phenomenon. It’s so popular that World Pasta Day is ce...

5 Best Places to Eat Near the Vatican

When you’re set on a day of sightseeing at the Vatican it can be difficult to find a great place to eat authentic, local food amidst a sea of over-pric...

How to Make the Perfect Negroni – and its History

Equal parts gin, Campari and sweet vermouth, stirred and served over ice with a twist of orange peel – the Negroni may be an uncomplicated cocktail but its p...

Discover Testaccio at Night - New Evening Food Tour

Following the success of Eating Italy’s original food tour through Testaccio and evening food tour through Trastevere, we’re proud to announce that we’re now...

Cooking with Nonna: an Interview with Giuliana

Back in 2015, we interviewed the two stars of our Italian cooking class, Nonna Bruna and Nonna Antonella… But our cookery lessons in Rome have been so popula...

Eating Europe Tours

Trastevere Streets Eats (Rome Street Food Tour)

Trastevere Streets Eats (Rome Street Food Tour)

Savour a hand-picked selection of the best street food in Rome… right now

  • Mon to Sat
  • 3 Hours
  • Small Group
Twilight Testaccio Rome Food Tour

Twilight Testaccio Rome Food Tour

Cocktails, craft beers, and killer food at Rome’s trendiest spots

  • Mon to Sat
  • 3.5 Hours
  • Small Group
Prague Craft Beer & Food Tasting Tour

Prague Craft Beer & Food Tasting Tour

Beer gardens, bars, & amazing food. An unforgettable day in Prague.

  • Fridays
  • 4 Hours
  • Private tour

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