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    Tag: Pizza

    The Top Pizzerias in Trastevere

    There are certain moments in my everyday life in Rome that never fail to elicit giddiness and delight, no matter how long I’ve lived here. Strolling past the...

    Pizza-Making with Kids

    Although I can’t claim to be very talented in the kitchen nowadays (taste testing is really more my forte’), some of my fondest childhood memories revolve ar...

    Where to Find the Best Pizza al Taglio in Rome

    In my four years of living in Italy, I have inevitably discovered that most Italian stereotypes are false. Garlic is rarely used in cooking, and not all Ital...

    The Life of Supplì from 00100

    Step into 00100 Pizza‘s small shop off Piazza Santa Maria Liberatrice in Testaccio and you’ll quickly find that it’s impossible to leave wi...

    Trastevere's Neighbourhood Bakery & Pizzeria: La Renella

    Via del Moro at any time of day smells like someone’s baking. That smell will surely set you salivating if you’re walking in Trastevere. But if y...

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    Unlimited wine!
    Trastevere Food Tour with Pasta Making
    • Mon to Sat
    • 3,5 Hours
    • Small Group
    Great for Couples & Groups
    A Virtual Aperitivo Class – LIVE From Tuscany

    A Virtual Aperitivo Class – LIVE From Tuscany

    Join us LIVE from Florence as we teach you how to create a traditional Italian Aperitivo at home. Learn all about the classic Italian Happy Hour - the culture, food and drinks!

    • Varies
    • 1 Hours
    • Small Group
    Eats, Street Art, and Undiscovered Lisbon

    Eats, Street Art, and Undiscovered Lisbon

    Discover hidden gems in Lisbon's local neighborhood Mouraria

    • Daily
    • Small Group

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