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    Food in London

    What's Hot in London this Year: 10 Best New Restaurants 2016

    London is a celebrated food capital of the world and with the arrival of 2016, many more fantastic restaurants are set to burst onto the London food scene. Y...

    5 of the Best London Restaurants for Large Groups

    Dining out with a group of friends can be an absolute treat, but there are not many among us who haven’t had the odd nightmare experience when going for dinn...

    15 of the Best London Restaurants for Vegetarians

    For so long an afterthought in the London food scene, the choice of vegetarian and vegan restaurants in London is now one of the best in Europe. From gourmet...

    Bite-Sized Local News from the London Food Scene: Winter 2016 Edition

    London is a city that never stands still. Every street has a story to tell, art hidden amongst historic buildings, free music festivals and food stores to ex...

    14 Reasons to Visit Borough Market

    London is an international city, so it is no surprise that its food markets feature cuisine from all over the world. But of the myriad foodie havens in the c...

    Eating Europe Tours

    Evening Cocktail Experience!
    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Strasbourg at Dusk - Secret Bars & Hidden Places

    Enjoy an epic night of cocktails, snacks and games at secret bars & speakeasies.

    • Private request only!
    • Private tour
    Celebrate Mother's Day Together!
    Pici Pasta Making Class & Game

    Pici Pasta Making Class & Game

    Roll up your sleeves and learn how to make fresh handmade pasta at home without the need of a pasta machine!

    • Sun. May 9
    • 2 Hours
    • Small Group
    Multi-City Experience!
    Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

    Weekend Brunch Across Europe Cooking Class

    Learn how to prepare a European Brunch from London, Amsterdam AND Florence!

    • Sunday
    • 1.5-2 Hours
    • Small Group

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