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    Amsterdam Food & Drink

    We Need to Talk about Rijsttafel: Top 5 Indonesian Restaurants

    This post was originally published in 2016 and was updated in November, 2017. The Netherlands’ colonial history means that its Indonesian and Surinamese cuis...

    10 Delicious Reasons to Try Traditional Danish Cuisine

    In the past decade, Danish foods have grown increasingly associated with so-called New Nordic cuisine, a movement born with the 2003 opening of Noma in Copen...

    Dutch Foodie Map - Where to Find Dutch Food in Amsterdam

    The Netherlands may be better known for its relaxed attitude towards cannabis, its incredible network of canals and dikes (which allows a significant percent...

    20 of Eating Europe’s Favorite Chefs from across Europe

    What makes a chef popular or one of our “favorites”? This wasn’t such an easy list to compile. Sure, I could list top restaurants or chefs that have achieved...

    Where to Eat Pancakes in Amsterdam: Our Top 5

    Of course, there are plenty of variations on the pancake. You’ve got the fluffy, sweet American pancake, filled with blueberries, bananas or chocolate chips ...

    Eating Europe Tours

    Montmartre Brunch Food Tour

    Montmartre Brunch Food Tour

    Before the big crowds arrive, discover the real locals and hidden gems of Montmartre

    • Private request only!
    • Private tour
    Jordaan Food Tour

    Jordaan Food Tour

    Eat Like a Local through Amsterdam's Jordaan neighbourhood.

    • Mon, Fri & Sat
    • 3.5 Hours
    • Small Group
    Prague Food Tour

    Prague Food Tour

    Old-world charm & history told through local cuisine you’re sure to love.

    • Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri & Sat.
    • 3.5 Hours
    • Small Group

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