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Prague Foods

Lani Seelinger’s Top 10 Tips for Making the Most of Your Prague Vacation

In addition to being one of the most beautiful cities in Europe – if not the world – Prague is also wonderfully dynamic. There’s always something new to disc...

Authentic Czech Restaurants the Tourists Haven’t Czeched Out Yet

It’s a given that when you come to Prague, you must try at least one traditional Czech dish. Common favorites include: svíčková, slices of pork tenderloin, a...

7 Things to Do in Prague on a Monday

What’s better than a weekend in Prague? A long weekend in Prague! If flight deals or full itineraries have inspired you to tack an extra day (or week) ...

Auburn Scallon's Top 10 Tips for Dining in Prague

From tipping protocol to what to drink (and when), traveling abroad always gives rise to all sorts of questions about dining etiquette. Let us take the myste...

A Prague Food Crawl: What to Eat and Where to Find It

Food lovers know that meals can be just as memorable as monuments. The warmth and flavor of Czech food are as much a part of the culture as Prague’s mu...

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History meets Culinary
Eternal Rome: Jewish Ghetto, Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere

Eternal Rome: Jewish Ghetto, Campo de' Fiori and Trastevere

Explore the historic Campo de' Fiori market, tasting unique dishes in the Jewish Ghetto and enjoying VIP access to top restaurants in Trastevere, including a Slow Food Presidium.

  • 10 & 10:45 am, 5 pm
  • 4 Hours
  • Small Group
Hip Eats & Backstreets Food Tour

Hip Eats & Backstreets Food Tour

Eat Your Way Around the City of Light Like a True Parisian

  • Private request only!
  • Private tour

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