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Prague Foods

6 Places to Eat in Prague That You Wouldn't Just Stumble Across

Finding food when traveling can be challenging. So many tourist places huddle around the big sites, just interested in money for subpar food. The good places...

The 7 Most Important Food Trends Happening in Prague Right Now

If there’s one thing I’ve learned about Czech culinary preferences, it’s that locals tend to favor their own cuisine over the new and unfam...

Ask a Concierge: Where to Eat in Prague?

A conversation among our team about the best restaurants in Prague could easily last for hours – there are just too many good places to choose from! So, for ...

Crazy about Kolache: Where to Eat the Best Kolache in Prague

When Czech immigrants came to America in the 19th and 20th centuries, they brought more than just their belongings with them. Luckily for the communities whe...

Global Dining: Where to Eat the Best International Food in Prague

Here at Eating Prague, we are the first to say that we love Czech food, but sometimes the idea of eating more meat with dumplings just isn’t that appetizing....

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Montmartre Food & Wine Tour

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Eating Navigli Food & Drinks Tour

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